Neutra Syrup Neutralises & Removes 5L - (I.A.H.)
A palatable diuretic

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A palatable diuretic (to increase the volume of urine excreted) and urinary alkaliser (change urine from acid to neutral). Assists in the treatment and prevention of dehydration, acidosis (poisoning by acids formed within the body) and "tying up" in horses.  Neutralises the pain of acid build up & restores comfort to aching muscles.

Horses undergoing training or hard work naturally generate lactic acid in their muscles. The horse has natural buffering systems to cope with this acid, but sometimes these can be overloaded. Acid build up then causes fatigue, pain, stiffness in the hindquarters and 'tying up'. Neutra-Syrup given in feeds works quickly to neutralise body acid and restore comfort to aching muscles.

Some horses have less natural buffering ability than others and are more prone to showing the effects of acid build up. These horses should receive daily administration as an effective preventative. Other horses may only require administration on a treatment basis.

Neutra-Syrup  is a mild diuretic which helps flush the system of waste products, restores alkaline conditions and reduces the chance of bacterial infections.

Has a palatable flavour. Special sweeteners and additives in Neutra-Syrup  make it easy to administer by syringe or in-feed and can lead to appetite improvement.

30-60 ml per day in the feed. The cap on the 5 litre container holds 15ml.

Adequate clean drinking water should be available at all times.

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