Quik Heal Greasy Heel Ointment 400g - (Kelato)
A non-toxic topical ointment, which has a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

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QuikHEAL is a non-toxic topical ointment, which has broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. When applied to the affected area, QuikHEAL treats: Greasy heel, rain scald, ringworm, dermatitis, girth gall, saddle sores

 How QuickHEAL works

  • As soon as bacteria and of fungi enter broken skin they inflame the skin causing mild to severe irritation
  • The active ingredients in QuikHEAL effectively kill the bacteria and fungi
  • QuickHEAL is water resistant aiding in its longevity on the wound once applied
  • The combination of sulphur and copper sulphate in QuikHEAL also aids in providing an unfavourable environment for the bacteria and helps to prevent reinfection
  • QuikHEAL works as a water barrier to allow the anti-fungal ingredients to do their job

The Benefits

  • Fast acting
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Easy to use ready to apply formula
  • Highly effective against infection
  • Thick ointment does not run off easily
  • Water resistant ointment

Directions For Use

  • When using to treat greasy heal soak and wash scabs to soften and attempt to remove
  • Dry the area thoroughly and apply QuikHEAL
  • If weather conditions are fine and sunny leave the area open to direct sunlight
  • If wet conditions persist, bandage the affected area with Kelato Cotton Wool and Gauze and EnduroWRAP
  • Re-apply QuikHEAL daily
  • Seek professional advice before using in conjunction with other topical ointments

Pack sizes: 200g / 450g

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I have purchased this product from you before through Ashop on June 25th 2015 order code was 1356548. When I tried buying it this time it only gives me the option of three different countries to chose from (Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom) i need to have it shipped to the United States, Lexington Kentucky. Please advise on how to purchase this product from you. Thanks, Paul Ladd Jr. Pinkston's Turf Goods

Hi Paul i will open up US for a couple of days, put your order through and i will ship asap

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