Trim 4kg - (Kohnke's Own)
A supplement containing magnesium, organic chromium and choline to assist in weight reduction and to strip off 'crusty' necks and abnormal fat deposits.

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TRIM provides a range of important nutrients to correct low or inadequate levels in the rations of horses and ponies on weight reducing, low calorie diets.
Combined with a low GI diet, TRIM provides nutritional support to assist sugar and fat metabolism to help strip off 'crusty' necks and abnormal fat deposits.

Pack Sizes: 1.4 kg & 4kg

Handy Hint: TRIM has been formulated to correct low levels of important metabolic nutrients essential for metabolism on low GI diets. Low GI, calorie controlled diets are fed to horses and ponies with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).

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