Gastro Coat 10kg - (Kohnke's Own)
Feed and Nutritional supplement and is used with an ulcer treatment to treat this condition.

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GastroCoat contains a blend of specially selected common feeds that contain natural phospholipids, mucilage and buffering compounds that help to maintain the physical protective lining of the gastric and upper intestinal lining of horses.  GastroCoat is a natural supplement that may be used in conjunction with medications for gastro-intestinal ulceration.

Add as a supplement to mixes containing grains and hay, which are often low in these important types of protective compounds.  Helps to maintain the appetite and natural digestive function in all horses.

Directions for Use:

Initial Supplement:  15g (1 level spoonful) for each 100kg bodyweight mixed in 60ml - 80ml of water as a slurry and administered over the tongue by syringe 5 - 10 minutes before each feed, for 5 - 7 days.

Maintenance Supplement:  Mix 15g (1 level scoopful) for each 100kg bodyweight mixed into a layer of dry feed on top of each feed for 10 - 14 days, then once daily as required.


Sweet 13% Crude protein whey powder
95% Psyllium Husk
Debittered dried yeast
Vanilla Milk Flavouring

Pack Sizes:1kg (16 x 60g supplement doses)
                  3kg (50 x 60g supplement doses) 
                  6kg (100 x 60g supplement doses) 
                 10kg (167 x 60g supplement doses) 
                 20kg packs (334 x 60g supplement doses)

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