Oralx Electroplex Paste 34g
Electrolyte paste containing amino acids also minerals and B complex vitamins.

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ELECTRO-PLEX contains 19 amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids, as well as chelated minerals and B Complex. As an oral dose electrolyte paste, it is easy to use.

Hot weather and heavy exercise take their toll on a horse’s system. When these two factors are combined with the diuretic drugs commonly administered to racehorses, the threat of dehydration becomes an ever-present problem. ELECTRO-PLEX can help maintain essential body fluids during hot weather and stress-related conditions, particularly after racing or competition. It will assist in stimulating a horse to drink water.

ELECTRO-PLEX can be especially beneficial when transporting a horse to avoid dehydration associated with heat and stress.
Directions: Administer the entire contents onto the back of the horse’s tongue.

Use one tube 24 hours before racing or immediately after a race or hard work.
Available in a 34g tube (single dose).
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