Nervine Powder1.8kg - (Potties)
Vitamin B1 powder for horses under stress

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containing Vitamin B1 to be given in the feed  To be used for horses being prepared for the show ring or in other stressful situations.
Nervousness, stress, and poor performance can be a result of deficiency in essential vitamins, poor quality feed, transporting, after sickness, and during periods of high performance work.
An adequate amount of Vitamin B1 is essential for the health of a horse and assists with general metabolism, nerve and muscular function.
Pottie's Nervine Powder is rapidly absorbed and distributed to body tissues. It contains vitamins, herbs, and carbohydrates to restore the proper balance to horses under stress.
Pack Size
750 g
1.8 kg
Store below 25oC (Air Conditioning)
Directions for Use
Dose of 15g to be given in the feed night and morning. Scoop provided in package.

Withholding Period: Nil 

Pottie's Nervine Powder
A Vitamin B1 supplement for horses under stress with added fenugreek to boost appetite.
Active Constituents
Thiamine Hydrochloride 22g/kg

Product Description
Pottie's Nervine Powder is a palatable powder

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