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It’s really quite simple -- electrolytes are about replacing what has been lost in sweat. Horsepower’s Electrolyte 3 is designed to do just that, having been formulated to closely match equine sweat. (Hence the name ‘Electrolyte 3’, there being three main components to sweat: chloride, sodium and potassium). Depletion of these three essential ions can affect a wide range of bodily functions from nerve impulse transmission to muscle contraction, thirst and water balance.

As well as workload, climatic conditions can greatly affect the need to supplement a horse’s diet with electrolytes. Obviously, the hotter and more humid the climate, the more a horse will sweat and, therefore, the greater the need to replenish both water and salts. But don’t be fooled into thinking that in cold weather, electrolytes are not needed. In cold temperatures, horses’ water intake naturally diminishes, leaving them susceptible to dehydration if electrolyte levels are low.

Also, be aware that while conditions such as tying-up can involve an acute response to a lack of electrolytes, often less obvious (or sub-clinical) symptoms such as muscle soreness and stiffness can negatively affect a horse’s performance.


HorsePower Electrolyte-3 should be mixed with bran mash or wet feed. Add molasses if necessary. Use the scoop provided to measure the dose.

Note: It is imperative that horses receiving ELECTROLYTE-3 should have free access to water at all times. This product is an electrolyte supplement formulated for horses.

DAILY DOSAGE: (1 level scoop = 90g)

1. Racehorses 90-120g

2. Eventers 90-120g

3. Show and dressage horses 75-90g

4. Horses in light work 75g

An effective electrolyte replacer for performance horses should have three distinct functions:

1. To correct electrolyte and water imbalance due to losses in sweat, urine and faeces such as might occur in cases of physical exertion.

2. To encourage the horse to increase its fluid intake and so reduce the risk of dehydration.

3. To soften faecal matter, thus preventing the horse becoming constipated and going off its feed. Electrolyte-3 has been designed to meet all of these requirements. In keeping with EQUINE NUTRITION SYSTEMS policy of a systematic approach to feed supplementation, ELECTROLYTE-3 is a balanced combination of electrolytes intended to be used


Na as NaCl, Na2SO4: 269.60g/kg

Cl as NaCl, KCI: 496.2g/kg

Mg as MgO: 30.3g/kg

K as KCI: 111.4g/kg

Ca as CaCo3: 10.9g/kg


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