Whey Protein Powder 20kg - 80%

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20kg Australian Pure Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Ingredients: Pure Whey Protein Concentrate  (80% Protein).


      Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate mixes without any lumps. It is untouched straight from the manufacturer with no fillers, blenders, preservatives or flavourings. Whey Protein Concentrate comes in a triple layered bag.       



Typical Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 30g


Per 30g Serving

Per 100g


129 cal

428 cal

Protein (dry basis)

25 g

83.3 g


1.6 g

5 g

- saturated

1.1 g

4 g


1.6 g

5 g

- sugars

1.6 g

5 g

Dietary Fibre

0 g

0 g


39 mg

130 mg


120 mg

400 mg


144 mg

480 mg


1.6 g

5 g

Amino Acids per 100g
Branch Chain Amino Acids

Amino Acids per 100g
Branch Chain Amino Acids

Other Amino Acids



Arginine 3.5g


Isoleucine 5.4g

Cystine 1.7g


Leucine 12.0g

Glycine 1.9g


Valine 5.0g

Proline 5.0g


Other Essential Amino Acids

Tyrosine 3.7g


Lysine 9.1g


Methionine 2.1g


Phenylalanine 3.4g


Threonine 5.4g


Tryptophan 2.8g


Valine 5.0g












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hi I'm interested in 20 kg WPC can you advise me on price , shipping to Woolgoolga 2456 and payment . thanks ,... rod

Hi Rod if we deliver to Gormans at grafton as before freight would be $30 let me know regards Carmel

Can I get whey protein concentrad in India.....

we only supply domestically this product, you would need to contact our supplier for Indian agents : admin@realdairy.com.au thank you for your enquiry

Time of delivery Camden nsw

we can deliver friday or if you are in camden we can courier to a business address, despatch tomorrow should be there wednesday or thursday

hi , im interested in 40kgs whey protein concentrate , can you advise me about freight to Woolgoolga 2456. thanks rod

Hi Rod we have it back in stock and freight would be $30, as we are sending via courier we would need an address where someone could sign for goods, i.e. a business address

please let me know how do i order the supplement whey protein bag of 20 kgs and how do i pay how much is per bag till my destination pls do help me as fast as posible

where are you located?

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