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CALCIPLEX BONE & JOINT PLUS™ is formulated to provide a source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, combined with Vitamins A, C and D, essential trace-minerals and glucosamine to assist the uptake, regulation and balance of these vital bone and joint cartilage structural components.



An adequate intake of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium is required for bone development, maintenance of skeletal strength and the ‘bone bank’ of stored calcium, as well as optimum muscle function and to meet increased demands during late pregnancy and lactation in mares. The health, structural function, optimum flexibility and resilience of joint cartilage to ‘wear and tear’ process are maintained when an adequate intake of Vitamin A, copper and zinc together with glucosamine are included in the diet of growing and working horses.

While Vitamin D is responsible for assimilation and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, promotes growth and mineralisation of the bones, including bones of the foetus, Vitamin C is required in the synthesis of collagen in the connective tissue, proper calcium absorption, and as an antioxidant. In addition, Glucosamine is a natural component of many tissue structures such as cartilage, tendon and ligaments, having a lubricating effect on joint cavities and synovial fluid viscosity.

The above features make CALCIPLEX PLUS the supplement of choice for balancing rations of all horses. For the best results, use CALCIPLEX PLUS every day, together with VITAM® HEALTH & VITALITY™ or VITAM® PLUS HEALTH & VITALITY™.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Mix CALCIPLEX BONE & JOINT PLUS™ into wet or dry feed, preferably giving half the dose in each of the morning and evening feeds. One level scoop holds 35 g. The following dose rate provides 50-100% of a horse’s daily requirement relative to its age, breeding stage or demand during training

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